More about me

Hi! Here's a bit more information about me:
  • I'm a psychologist and I work in the area of child and youth welfare
  • I'm from Austria and I've moved to Munich in 2017 to live with my boyfriend
  • I'm constantly waiting for a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion 
  • I'm also waiting for new games and movies that really hit me in the heart like Assassin's Creed I, Resident Evil 6 and The Hobbit did, for example. But where are they? :(

About drawing:
I use a 15,6" HP laptop, a Wacom Intuos tablet and Adobe Photoshop CS2 for drawing. None of it is the best or the newest, but everything works very well for me. I sometimes tried newer versions of PS but I simply was confused and overwhelmed by the amount of functions I would never use.
Sometimes I use paper & pencil too, for example when I draw ACEO cards to trade them with someone. But there is no undo button in reality and that's why it's too painful to draw tradionally on a regular basis.
I've been drawing since I was a little child. Sailor Moon, Pokémon and Dragon Ball inspired me to draw Manga-stuff, that's when I started to do fanart (at the age of 12 or something) and yeah ... I haven't stopped yet. I've never had any artistic education and I've never worked as a professional artist. I never will. But I wish I could!

What I like to draw:
I enjoy drawing cute, funny or really depressing things, post-apocalyptic stuff, fashion, bodies, injuries, landscapes and clouds. I hate portraits that just show characters standing there, without any further idea. But sometimes I got no better idea either. :')

My favourite fandoms:
Final Fantasy (especially VII and X), Resident Evil, Fallout, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Avengers, Sailor Moon, Assassin's Creed (Altair & Ezio saga) and many more.


If you have a question or simply want to tell me something, please message me.

Frequently asked questions:

Do you take commissions? 
No, I'm sorry, due to my full-time-job I'm not able to take commissions anymore.

How do you create this watercolour-y effect in your pictures?
I got a very simple tutorial here, maybe this will help to understand the process a little bit better.

Can I post your pictures on another website?
Can I use one of your pictures as a banner/icon/etc.?
Yes, of course, it's no problem at all. I feel honored that people like my art so much that they want to share it. Just make sure that you add a link to this blog as a source somewhere, please.