I DON'T take commissions right now, please come back later.

If you're interested, you can contact me via E-mail:
I'm gonna draw everything you want except extremely violent stuff or very explicit sexual scenes. I only draw with tablet + Photoshop, so you won't get any traditional paintings from me.
When I draw something for you, it's yours so you can do with it whatever you want or upload it wherever you like. I'm not gonna publish commissions anywhere, except I really want to, but then I have to ask you for permission and you're free to say no, cause it's yours. :)

Payment: The payment happens before I start to draw (via PayPal or if you're from the EURO-zone via bank transfer, if you wish. The € prices depend on the currency rate. So a 35$ dollar commission is not 35€, it's less). The prices below are not completely undiscussable, we can talk about it because some stuff isn't that complex and time-consuming. You can also show me a particular picture I did before and ask me how much something with the same effort would cost.

Size: The size of the picture will be similar to the other pictures in my blog. You are allowed to print the picture of course but it won't be high definition. (If it's really necessary that the picture's huge we can talk about it, but it's gonna affect the price.)

Frequently asked questions:

Do these prices apply to one or more characters? 
To one or two characters, it doesn't matter. If there are three or more it might cost more. Animals don't count as characters here, so it could be two characters + three cats and it would still be the normal price.

What's the difference between "Sketch" and "Normal picture + grey/texture"?
The main difference is that the lines of my sketches are messier and I leave out details from the clothes and so on, just concentrating on the main features. I wouldn't do that with a normal picture. And the lines are clean of course.