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Waking up (2 pictures)

I wanted to draw some of my favourite characters and when/how they get up in the morning. I thought of things beginning with 9:00 and then backwards to 5:00 AM, let's see how many of them I'm able to finish. ... Update: I managed to draw these two and then stopped. :')

I imagine Reno's nights can get very very long and on some mornings he just wakes up all bruised and bloody and he can hardly remember what happened.

Newt probably didn't sleep at all and worked on some freaky shit all night. But he might get his first coffee for breakfast at 8:30 and starts a new working day.


Hello, I'm alive.
I'm trying really hard to draw a bit more but I'm unable to find a good work/life-balance. It's mostly work + complete exhaustion + frustration. Buuuut I got myself a new tablet, a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, and it's quite cool to draw on it because it's got a pressure sensitive pen and there are some good painting apps. Maybe I'll draw or at least sketch a few more times from now on.
This pic was entirely drawn on the Samsung tablet.