Sunday, October 8, 2017

Kakao 01 & 02

It's been months, maybe years, since I've drawn something on actual paper. Last week I really had the urge to draw ATC (ACEO?) cards, tho. In the German art community "Kakaokarten" is the commonly used term for these cards, I'm not quite sure if ATC/ACEO is the same thing, so I'll just stick with Kakao cards.
Anyway, the idea of them is to draw small (8,9cm x 6,4cm / 3,5" x 2,5") cards, usually with traditional tools (pencil, watercolour, copics, whatever) on thick paper (it's supposed to feel like a card, not just a piece of paper) ... well, and then you trade them with other artists. You send the cards to them via mail. What you draw usually depends on what the other person likes. Or, if you have any cards left you've drawn before, you can simply offer these. 

I did one with Bulma and Vegeta because their affection in Dragon Ball Super makes me so happy. And one with Piers and Newfoundlander!Chris because ... yeah. Both are done with watercolour on 300g/m² aquarell paper.
These cards are not available for trade anymore. But if you draw Kakao cards too and want to trade with me in the future, please use the message form here on this blog or write me on ♥ It would be awesome if you live somewhere in Europe because sending them to other parts of the world might be too risky. :(