Friday, July 14, 2017

Vendetta #1

Have you watched Resident Evil Vendetta yet? I was really looking forward to this movie just because we would see Chris and Leon again. Well, the movie is not quite what I expected. It feels like all their ressources went into Resident Evil 7 and Vendetta is just a very little and simple thing for the fans that missed the usual characters in RE7. I think the animations and the complexity of the story in Vendetta are worse than they were in Damnation even though there are many years between these movies. So, the quality really isn't ... so amazing, I think.
But nevertheless! I enjoyed it! I mean the whole film seems like one big joke about Leon and Chris acts pretty embarrassing too but I had a lot of fun watching it. I'm probably going to draw a few more Chibi pictures to make fun of Chris and Leon.
(Spoiler ahead!) There's one thing about the story that pisses me off, though. The fact that the zombies in the city were healed so easily from a stage where they seemed completely braindead already ... it just makes me angry. You know, Piers was still himself and they decided that there was no hope left for him and they killed him off. I'm aware that it was a different virus but ??? The condition of the infected people in Vendetta was much worse apparently!