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Waking up (2 pictures)

I wanted to draw some of my favourite characters and when/how they get up in the morning. I thought of things beginning with 9:00 and then backwards to 5:00 AM, let's see how many of them I'm able to finish. ... Update: I managed to draw these two and then stopped. :')

I imagine Reno's nights can get very very long and on some mornings he just wakes up all bruised and bloody and he can hardly remember what happened.

Newt probably didn't sleep at all and worked on some freaky shit all night. But he might get his first coffee for breakfast at 8:30 and starts a new working day.

Nostalgia (2 pictures)

I thought I should upload something. I want to draw. I like the process of drawing ... but then I can't think of anything I want to draw and that's why I've become so silent. I'm watching a bunch of series at the same time and I've played a few PS4 games in the last months but none of them require fanart. I need a new thing that really blows my mind, ughh.
I watched a few old The Walking Dead episodes, though. The seasons 1-4 were so cool, I totally forgot how much I liked them. When the whole Alexandria thing started, I got bored and it's just getting worse. I don't enjoy this community thing. There are far too many characters and groups now and no real Zombie horror anymore.

Anyway. I thought of an outfit for Beth if she was still alive. And the second one is just season 2 nostalgia.