Tuesday, September 11, 2018


I like Connor. I bet he's very popular in the fandom. I think he as a person is not quite as exciting as other things in the game, tho. It was kinda obvious how it's all gonna work out if you try to get the best ending for everyone. But what I love is everything between him and Hank and how they grow thanks to each other. I also liked how Connor was somehow scared of and interested in the dog. Sumo's character info says: "They say dogs resemble their owner, and Sumo is no different. Gruff, big, powerful and intimidating, Sumo's fearsome exterior masks a sweet, loyal and noble nature." I mean, that's really flattering Hank.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Son of Odin

The moment when Loki said he was Odin's son was my absolute highlight in Infinity War. I'm still craving a Thor movie where he and Loki finally get along and everything's not a damn joke. In Ragnarok they were pretty close but the whole movie is just one big joke. (I'm pretty sure Loki is alive and well, by the way.)

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Welcome to Canada

So I've played Detroit Become Human within two days I think. It really catches you, it's such an interesting and a wonderful topic, but the game also hurts like hell. During Kara's story there were moments where I just had to pause and CRY for a few minutes before I was able to continue. I'm so happy that you can get an ending where Kara, Alice and Luther live and are save. I wish you could see more of them after they make it across the border, their story really really touched me.

Self-portrait and serious piggyback

My boyfriend always wanted me to draw him and I always said no. Now we've been together for two and a half years and I finally did a picture of us. He's on vacation/at home right now, I'll show him when he comes back, I'm a bit nervous about his reaction, lol. I think he looks a lot like himself but I fucked up my own face. :')

I also did a little Daryl/Beth-thingy. I'm still angry about what happened to Beth and that they teased this relationship just to kill her off and fuel Daryl's depression with it. I loved these few episodes and they could have done so much more. I listen to Emily Kinney's music from time to time and the "This is War"-album reminds me of this and then I'm mad again. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Waking up

I wanted to draw some of my favourite characters and when/how they get up in the morning. I thought of things beginning with 9:00 and then backwards to 5:00 AM, let's see how many of them I'm able to finish. ... Update: I managed to draw these two and then stopped. :')

I imagine Reno's nights can get very very long and on some mornings he just wakes up all bruised and bloody and he can hardly remember what happened.

Newt probably didn't sleep at all and worked on some freaky shit all night. But he might get his first coffee for breakfast at 8:30 and starts a new working day.

Saturday, January 20, 2018


Hello, I'm alive.
I'm trying really hard to draw a bit more but I'm unable to find a good work/life-balance. It's mostly work + complete exhaustion + frustration. Buuuut I got myself a new tablet, a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, and it's quite cool to draw on it because it's got a pressure sensitive pen and there are some good painting apps. Maybe I'll draw or at least sketch a few more times from now on.
This pic was entirely drawn on the Samsung tablet.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Kakao 01 & 02

It's been months, maybe years, since I've drawn something on actual paper. Last week I really had the urge to draw ATC (ACEO?) cards, tho. In the German art community "Kakaokarten" is the commonly used term for these cards, I'm not quite sure if ATC/ACEO is the same thing, so I'll just stick with Kakao cards.
Anyway, the idea of them is to draw small (8,9cm x 6,4cm / 3,5" x 2,5") cards, usually with traditional tools (pencil, watercolour, copics, whatever) on thick paper (it's supposed to feel like a card, not just a piece of paper) ... well, and then you trade them with other artists. You send the cards to them via mail. What you draw usually depends on what the other person likes. Or, if you have any cards left you've drawn before, you can simply offer these. 

I did one with Bulma and Vegeta because their affection in Dragon Ball Super makes me so happy. And one with Piers and Newfoundlander!Chris because ... yeah. Both are done with watercolour on 300g/m² aquarell paper.
These cards are not available for trade anymore. But if you draw Kakao cards too and want to trade with me in the future, please use the message form here on this blog or write me on kakao-karten.de. ♥ It would be awesome if you live somewhere in Europe because sending them to other parts of the world might be too risky. :(